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Chislehurst railway station building

The original station was opened some 800 yards away from the current site in 1865, as Chislehurst and Bickley Park.

A cut off line to Tonbridge opened in 1868, and this meant the station was re-located to its current location in the same year.

Five London bound sidings were to be found here, controlled by a signal box on the coastbound side, which also had a small single siding too.  Cottages for railway workers were provided by 1869.

Originally two station buildings on either side were present, but the London bound one was demolished in the early 1900’s in order for extra tracks to be laid.  It was however rebuilt sometime after this work was done.

Small changes were to be implemented at the station in the next hundred years and by 1968 the good yards were closed.  By the late 1970s the London bound station was demolished, but thankfully the coastbound one was kept.  In fact, many original features can still be seen as we’ll see in the pictures below.

The two photos below show the island platform as well as the elaborate canopy, shown closer in the lower photo.

Chislehurst railway station island platform
Chislehurst railway station. island platform
Chislehurst railway station island platform
Chislehurst railway station island platform canopy

The underpass is also very well looked after as you can see below.

Chislehurst railway station pedestrian underpass
Chislehurst railway station pedestrian underpass

Many of the finer details in the canopies can also be seen.

Chislehurst railway station canopy columns
Canopy columns

The station is busy with many trains either stopping or passing through.

Passing trains at Chislehurst railway station
Passing trains at Chislehurst

Chislehurst is a great commuter station, and it is nice to see the grand station building, canopies and underpass are not only standing, but in very good condition.

Overall, the Chislehurst has fantastic views for the enthusiast. There is always something passing or stopping, and both ends of the platforms have amazing opportunities for photography and videography.

Railway tracks going away from Chislehurst railway station
A view away from Chislehurst

Below is a video taken in 2021 :

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