Along The Railway Line | South East Mainline | Westenhanger Railway Station

An very open station design with fantastic views of the running lines of HS1.

Westenhanger was opened in 1843 by the South Eastern railway company.  Originally designed to serve Hythe, it gained the branch line to Sandgate in 1874 and as such served as the main station for this junction until 1888, when Sandling Station was opened.

It had a very small goods facility consisting of a couple of sidings, and a very small signal box which was placed on the west end of the coastbound platform. This has sadly now been demolished.

The unusual station building was built in 1861. It has different coloured bricks especially on the western side, and for such a small station it is incredibly grand. Unfortunately at time of writing it is disused.

The race course was served by a small two platform arrangement just west of the main station, however these platforms closed in the late 20th century and Westenhanger is now the primary station for this facility.

Redevelopment of the line and station has always occurred here but the construction of the channel tunnel rail link in the early 2000s meant a new road bridge had to be constructed over both lines with new access stairs between the two platforms.

Looking down the line towards Sandling, you can see the incline of the line quite clearly, as well as great views of the HS1 line to the left.

The entry and exit figures for 2019 / 2020 were 80 168

Westenhanger is now a small unassuming station, but still retains some of its charm with its impressive station building, albeit not being used. For the enthusiast, fantastic views of both the South Eastern mainline and HS1 are to be had here, and if you are lucky, some freight as well passes through this station.

Below is a video I filmed from this location for my ‘Along the railway line’ series :

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