2022 on Rainham Rail Enthusiast

Well, here we go again, let us hope for a better year out on the railway. Signs are that as we go through this year, more may be achievable.

I am hoping to continue with my along the railway line series on my YouTube channel, as well as importing ones I have already done to this Blog at some point. This will be a time consuming job, but it would be nice to have both a print and video version of these station looks. So what’s in store for 2022?


Regarding this series, the lines I am aiming to do are :

Medway Valley Line – looking at the stations which were not visited in the Least Used railway stations in Kent series.

Ashford to Ramsgate Line

Maidstone East Line

Doing those would almost complete the lesser used stations in Kent, the rest I will probably ‘mop up’ in 2023.


Another instalment in my Top Ten Least Used Station series will take me up north, to Merseyside!! Looking forward to really getting out of Kent, and seeing some Northern Stock.

Worth noting that I will still be using 2019 / 2020 ORR statistics for the passenger numbers. This is because they are the most recent accurate figures available. Because of the pandemic, later figures are very skewed, and so I will use these until the situation becomes (fairly) normal again.


The most obvious railway line to visit will be (if it opens!!) the core section of the Elizabeth Line, from Abbey Wood to Paddington. I would love to be on the first train, but nevertheless I will showcase all the stations on this central core of the line.

These are the main points of the year, other surprises may pop up, you never know!! I am also trying very hard to keep this Blog site up to date, and hopefully push the YouTube channel up to that magical 1000, so that I can monetize and help fund my trips out and about.

So may I wish all that read and follow me both here and on YouTube a very Happy new year!! And If you are new to the blog and channel, please enjoy my content, and a happy new year to you too.

Just leaves me with my tagline:

If you can, get out there, get on the railway, and see where it takes you

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I am a railway enthusiast based in Rainham, Kent. I enjoy mainly modern traction, however the history of rail, especially in places I visit, also interests me. I also have a static model railway, Mistydale, which has its own Facebook page. Thanks for visiting.

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