Top Ten Least Used Railway Stations In Kent : 4 | Kemsing

Kemsing Railway Station

Opened in 1987, Kemsing has always been a small unassuming station. With only two brick built shelters, it lacked a proper station building, due mainly to the fact that the surrounding population was small.

The station certainly didn’t lack in goods facilities however, with a large six siding yard placed on the London bound side, one of which went through a good shed.

Kemsing Railway Station

Not much of note happened until 1939, when the concrete footbridge was erected, mainly out of necessity as the line was being electrified. The platforms were also extended at this time. By the end of the 1960’s, the goods yard was gone, and by the end of the 1980’s, the shelters were demolished. These were replaced by bus shelter type designs.

As well as all that, the footbridge has also been replaced, leaving only the railings as an original feature at the station.

Kemsing Railway Station

Statistics for Kemsing are as follows:

Opened : 1874

2 trains per hour each way at peak times, 1 train per hour each way off peak and weekends

Entry and exit figures for 2018/2019 were 22,476

It is mainly served at the time of writing by class 377 Electric Multiple Units, and freight is seen a little on the line also.

Kemsing Railway Station

With sparse platforms, Kemsing is a remote station backed with good views up and down the line. For the enthusiast, weekday freight trains are an added bonus.

Many thanks for reading this blog. If you want to view a Vlog about Kemsing, please click on the video link below, thankyou.

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