Starting a blog….

Well here we go, a blog about my interest, railways.  Specifically modern UK railways, but anything rail connected could feature here.  Also news about Mistydale could appear.  Mistydale is my model railway, always under construction.  A link to Mistydales Facebook page can be found by clicking the three bar ‘burger’ icon on the top left of this page.

So, what to blog first.  How about a picture of a thameslink branded 377 unit at Rainham(Kent) railway station. Oh unless otherwise stated, when I say ‘Rainham’ I’ll always mean in Kent, unless otherwise stated.

Videos I have taken can be found on my YouTube channel, just search “Rainham Rail Enthusiast” in YouTube.  Thanks for reading, I’ll blog again soon.

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I am a railway enthusiast based in Rainham, Kent. I enjoy mainly modern traction, however the history of rail, especially in places I visit, also interests me. I also have a static model railway, Mistydale, which has its own Facebook page. Thanks for visiting.

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