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Last updated 14th February 2021

Latest Blog : 14th January 2021

Top ten least used stations in Kent – 5 – Bekesbourne

Latest Vlog : 13th February 2021 :

Proud to be a member of the East Kent Railway

CV19 support your local heritage railway

Hi, I am a UK rail enthusiast based in the town of Rainham in Kent, England. I enjoy finding out about the history of trains and railways in my local area. I have a big interest in ‘modern’ era railway traction from the 1970s to present day, although any railway action is welcome!! With a particular interest to freight and engineering workings, I also enjoy the ‘day-to-day’ movements of locomotives around the UK network. I have a model railway – Mistydale – which has its own Facebook page.

Because of Covid restrictions in early 2021, some parts of the YouTube channel will include Train Sim World 2 drives, with commentary. It is something new and hopefully people will enjoy it.

Please follow the links above or to the left to an area that interests you, thank you.

Link to my book on Amazon – This Train Terminates Here

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